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Traditional Greek cuisine classes

Traditional Greek cuisine classes

Greece is home to many of the finest ingredients in the world. Greek cuisine is maybe not as sophisticated as Italian or French, but it is hard to beat the freshness of local organic produce and fish and seafood straight from the sea.

Lessons include chef’s take on classical Greek starters, main courses and dessert. Ubiquitous  Mezze platter of tzaziki, olives, taramasalata, zucchini balls, different variety of feta and fresh salads.

Not to forget famous vegetarian pies aka spanakopita with seasonal wild herbs and cheese, made from scratch, the staples like moussaka, gemista, prawns saganaki, stifado, delightfully fresh fish soup, dolmades and more specialties of this sunny cuisine.

Greece is becoming a serious player on the wine market and we will gladly arrange for you a degustation tour to the best wineries of Peloponnese.

What to expect:

  • Upon arrival to our magnificent location you will be greeted with a glass of sparkling wine or freshly made lemonade and small appetizers to awake your appetite and curiosity what comes next.
  • While enjoying your drinks our chef will brief you about the schedule and share some interesting information. Please shoot all your questions, I will happily answer them all.
  • For the next 3-4 hours we will immerse into cooking with only organic ingredients, tasting, learning new techniques, discovering new flavors and having good time. You will make the dough from the scratch and bake your breads in a real wood oven, you will chop, cut, mix, boil. (or just relax and enjoy watching others making their hands dirty)
  • During each class we will prepare 6 courses: 4 hot and cold appetizers, main course and dessert.
  • The menu will be customized according your preferences well in advance through e-mail correspondence.
  • After class completion will gather the food and sit to enjoy our delicious dinner in a terrace, surrounded by olive and orange trees with mesmerizing view of the sea and islands.

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Nafplio (Tolo), Greece